About Me (& You!)

Do you struggle as a sensitive person in this insensitive world?

Maybe you…

  • have trouble sleeping, racing thoughts, can’t focus, are in a constant state of worry?
  • fear rejection, or procrastinate on important things?
  • feel stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed by the state of the world?
  • feel easily overwhelmed by your everyday environment- sights, sounds, smells?
  • suffer emotional and physical effects of stress and anxiety?
  • feel powerless to manage your emotions in healthy and productive ways?
  • feel easily agitated, frustrated, and moody affecting home and work relationships?
  • struggle to establish boundaries and practice self-compassion?

Sensitivity Rising Manifesto

Are you ready to explore wellness practices to empower your sensitive energy?

I’m Tonya the Founder of Sensitivity Rising and I’ve been where you are now!

Sensitivity Rising is built on svayamagurutva 
(Sanskrit: स्वयमगुरुत्व): the state of lightness existing in one’s self.

We are inundated with statistics and studies that are meant to tell us who we are, how we should feel, and what we need to do to feel healthy and fulfilled. A seismic shift takes place when we discover that we have a choice to decide for ourselves.

We can choose to believe the same stories, the same limiting beliefs, the same false information we collect and carry about who we really are, or we can choose a path of transformation. When we begin to look inside instead of outside for answers we find true wisdom. This is when we discover svayamagurutva, the state of lightness that exists only within.

Living as a sensitive person doesn’t need to be painful or isolating, we simply need to learn to nurture ourselves in healing ways to thrive.

If your HSP journey is anything like mine you were told countless times growing up that you were too sensitive, too emotional, and too intense. I was taught by my family, teachers and many of my peers that there was something wrong with me because I reacted strongly to many of the things that were happening around me and to me. I tell my story because I know I am not alone in the way my sensitivity has shaped and influenced my life.

Growing up my family life was chaotic, filled with verbal abuse, emotional neglect, indifference, depression, alcoholism, and opioid abuse. Being shuffled between multiple households was overwhelming and sadly not one adult was equipped with the compassion or kindness that a vulnerable child requires to flourish. It took decades for me to truly understand how deeply my upbringing shaped and intensified my high sensitivity.

It is through these holistic wellness practices that I began my journey of emotional and physical healing. 

Embracing yoga, holistic living and the healing introspection of self-discovery they offer has infinitely improved my self-worth, relationships and my perspective of the world. 

I am based on the ancestral lands of the Suquamish & Coast Salish Peoples in the Pacific Northwest. I respectfully acknowledge the Suquamish & Coast Salish People, who have stewarded this land throughout the generations.

I continuously reflect on my daily role as a guest on these lands and I honor and revere their way of living in harmony with the land, water, and animals of Puget Sound for thousands of years before the arrival of non-native people.  

I am grateful for all of my teachers and all the early practitioners of the Yogic path of liberation who have shared their knowledge, philosophies, and wisdom.

As taught by my teachers in this tradition of liberation I vow to do my best to practice Yoga to uplift all beings, the earth and all creatures. To untangle the roots of division and suffering within and without. To live for justice, equity and liberation, embracing yoga’s roots.

I vow to practice unity.

To uplift the essence of Yoga as my lineage of expansive liberation teaches. To love where others might reject. Like the early Yoga practitioners who held many views alongside their own, to seek to live in understanding both the many and the One of truth.



Any content and discussions on any Highly Sensitive Healing platform are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or for treatment or consultation with a mental health professional. 
Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read or viewed on this website.

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