How Sensitive People Can Feel Seen

As a highly sensitive person do you ever feel invisible? Maybe you feel only seen and appreciated for what you can do for others and how you make them feel about themselves, instead of for who you truly are.

How to Stop Apologizing for Our Sensitivity

Many of us can suffer from a lack of confidence and self-esteem because we’re taught that our sensitivity is wrong, that we’re being difficult and unreasonable and that our sensitivity is causing problems for others, so we fall into the habit of apologizing for things when it’s completely unnecessary.

6 Ways to Make Decisions Easier

Our decisions can become more rushed, more unsteady and we can begin to shut down altogether rather than make one more choice when we’re under stress and pressure.

5 Reasons it’s Healthy for HSPs to Say Yes

Saying yes in a healthy way is about being brave when we want to try something new for ourselves and taking a risk in order to improve our lives in some way. 

6 Reasons for HSPs to Say No

It can be hard to say no to someone and even harder to say no when we want to be liked and included. It’s human nature to worry that people won’t like us or we fear that we’ll put important relationships at risk so we can easily become people pleasers without even realizing it.

5 Affirmations to Escape Perfectionism

The idea of perfectionism is often created and developed during our childhood. Growing up too many of us were criticized (intentionally and unintentionally both) by parents, and other authority figures when we weren’t able to perform or behave in ways they found acceptable.

5 Ways to Stop Worrying About What Others Think

No matter how we get to the point of caring about what others think of us, when we make their opinions of who we are more important than what we know to be true about ourselves it can become a serious burden to our mental health. 

Rising Up as Highly Sensitive People

As Highly Sensitive People when we fall so often we can feel like we just don’t have the emotional, spiritual, and physical energy to keep getting up. Yes there are lessons to be learned from each fall but that doesn’t make the hurt any less painful.

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Our Lives are a Sacred Spiral

When we reject this natural pattern of life is when we get stuck. It is natural to ruminate on things until we’ve fully processed them, the struggle to let things go is normal and being drawn to the same types of relationships over and over is natural a spiral pattern of life.

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What Are You Chasing?

When we’re chasing we can feel that we are moving forward, making progress, and what we pursue in this life is important- it tells the world who we are, what we want others to believe about us, and what we want to believe about ourselves.

Managing Waves of Emotion

As sensitive people we can feel like we’re relentlessly being struck over and over again by emotions- wave after wave of emotion crashing against us knocking us down. But there is value to be found in even the most frustrating experiences.

7 Affirmations to Embrace High Sensitivity

Here are 7 of my favorite affirmations that can help us to let go of false comparisons, and allow us to live in truth, abundance, and acceptance Highly Sensitive People.

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