One Year of Highly Sensitive Healing: Celebrate and Pause

The podcast celebrated it’s one year anniversary on July 7th! 🎉

Over 60 plus episodes we’ve shared tips and insights about living a purposeful and balanced highly sensitive life and I hope you’ve enjoyed listening as much as I’ve enjoyed creating.

Keep in touch with me over the summer to let me know what episodes you’re enjoying, feel free to tag me on social media, or reach out through a DM, and share the podcast with others who you feel may find value in it.

Here are all the links I mentioned!

Your Favorite Meditation Practices

Guided Yoga Nidra Practice For Sleep

Highly Sensitive body scan meditation (full meditation)

Find more meditations HERE on Insight Timer!

Other Listener Faves

How to stop worrying about what others think

Feeling invisible as a Highly Sensitive Person

My Highly Sensitive story

My Favorites

Escaping Perfectionism

Our lives are a sacred spiral… Not a straight line.

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