How to Stop Apologizing for Our Sensitivity

Many of us can suffer from a lack of confidence and self-esteem because we’re taught that our sensitivity is wrong, that we’re being difficult and unreasonable and that our sensitivity is causing problems for others, so we fall into the habit of apologizing for things when it’s completely unnecessary.

5 Reasons Why Saying YES is Healthy for HSPs

Saying yes to new things can be really scary. But saying no can sometimes hurt us more than help us.Comfort zones aren’t really about comfort at all, they’re about fearContinue reading “5 Reasons Why Saying YES is Healthy for HSPs”

5 Affirmations to Escape Perfectionism

The idea of perfectionism is often created and developed during our childhood. Growing up too many of us were criticized (intentionally and unintentionally both) by parents, and other authority figuresContinue reading “5 Affirmations to Escape Perfectionism”

Rising Up as Highly Sensitive People

Rising up can mean different things to us at different times depending on where we are on our journey in this life. Whether it’s conflicts (personal or worldly), sensory overload,Continue reading “Rising Up as Highly Sensitive People”

What are you chasing?

All of us are chasing something. Love, recognition, understanding, validation, acceptance, money, safety, security, peace… I’ve chased all of these things and countless others, seeking validation, understanding, acceptance, love… theContinue reading “What are you chasing?”

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